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Our Beloved Queen

As we love to hear the sounds of fireworks and see all the beautiful faces so fully of joy watch all the pretty colors in the sky. This is no longer what we more importantly me… Kelly the crazy animals nut that started this adventure in the dog world over 25 years ago look forward to on the day of our Independence!

See 2 years ago today we woke up like a normal day and I made breakfast, fed dogs and did all of my morning chores. My 5 children were so excited because tonight was the night they could set everything on fire and not have the fire department show up. The night where they could let lose and play and just have a good time! We live on a 10 acres farm and you know between outside work and house work it is never ending so they were very much looking forward to this!

Well preparing for the big booms we always give our dogs CBD just enough so they can relax but Kashmir was different… she lived by my side and always by my side, Even that was a little different, We had a female in the house with fresh new puppies and had to keep Kashmir locked in our room which already makes her nervous, as like I said she is always with me. We moved the day along and with the kids and dogs all excited. I will never forget our last interactions…

I opened the bedroom door as Kashmir had ran around the room listening to all the commotion and got her self all worked up and excited and then it happened, I said wanna go outside and I jump up and down excitedly, she was very much anxious and wanted to go outside. Kashmir was the house mom in a sense, she kept sure that everything was in it’s place and would check on every child before coming to bed. She was always the first up and the last in bed! She took her job as our protector very serious. I put her out in the front yard where all the kids were and went back to get more fireworks. It took me about 10 minutes to find all the fireworks because the kids had rummaged through them and they had them all over the place. So gathered them all up and headed out front, I was on a single mission to get these fireworks out for the kids but stopped and heard a gun shot and and a blood curdling dog cry, standing there I dropped everything and scream KASHMIR, KASHMIR WHERE ARE YOU, KASHAROO COME BACK GIRL… the single shot was followed by 2 more shots and my girl was missing 4 agonizing days before my best friend came over and we followed the buzzards.

Prepare yourselves! Because I was in no way prepared for what we would find, my beautiful Queen was laying 6 feet off a four wheeler trail off a state park road! She was face down and all you could see was her rear upon arrival. Remember this is 4 days later I couldn’t identify her so my husband who was just up the street came to do the job. I couldn’t make myself look at her because she didn’t ever resemble a dog anymore. But 5 minutes and it was all over, my husband said softy to the people surrounding this horrid display of humanity “It’s her, please watch my wife”! I fell apart and wanted to go with her! Lord she must be scared to be alone and to have been alone for 4 days already!! She needed me and I needed her! Someone has stolen her from me, I had no way to physically face the reality that I will never snuggle with her again, This dogs was my child! She was my Emotional Support, I went through a terrible divorce and she was my heart and soul! She was the protector of my children, and to each of my beautiful children she served a purpose and made all of our lives better! She was the heart and soul, the air we breathed and in every sense a part of our family!

We all lost a huge piece and some of those pieces have disappeared, my 9 year old doesn’t;t love dogs the same way anymore, My kids are now less involved in my breeding program but they fear getting close and it is truly a travesty. The person that took this beautiful animal will never know what exactly they stole fro my family!

Rest In Paradise Kash-a-roo-shee we miss you every single day and I will Live for the day we get to meet again! God Bless all the people in the world that know this loss you are in our hearts as we to know the hurt of losing an animal.

If you know someone in you area that is purposely hurting animals report it to you local authorities, Animal Cruelty is a Felony and they belong behind bars!

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