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Gods and Goddesses Creed of Next Level

Lilac Trindle  20 inches  99 Lbs

This BIG beautiful boy came strait from Texas and wow he is amazing! He was produced by a very good friend of ours and is a son of the all famous Gods and Goddesses Hades and out of a beautiful female named Bonnie! They married together like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. From the overdone muscular body or Hades to a chiseled clean female like Bonnie, we knew we just had to have him! Creed has sired one litter here nad as we thought his work is just begun here at Next Level and this dog will be a great player to get us to our finish line! Expect greatness from this rock solid boy!

Next Level's CH. Mack Attack Gold

Lilac/ White  19 1/2 inches  96 Lbs

What can we say that he is not proving... Ch. Mack Attack Gold has some of our favorite dogs behind him and he is destined for great things yet to come. He may even be coming to a show near you! Mack is a son of Armani and a Grandson to our beloved Kashmir crossed with Blue Magic's Shere Khan of TSB out of Rockbottom's Lilybee of Next Level! Lily herself is a line bred Gunniess and the only female in her litter. She has moved on from here to a great breeder close by!

Next Level's Houdini

Brown Brindle  18 inches  76 Lbs 

If you think a foundational dog should look like an English Bulldog think again! This boy is the living proof that all rumors are not true! His sire is none other that the dearly departed Windham's Chubb Rock (EB) and out of GRITS' Tribella of Next Level a generational Olde English bitch produced of the old school Trendsetter Bulldogges line. Houdini is a credit to his breed in movement type and substance! He is just how we like them here at Next level Bulldogges!

Evan's NO JOKE Of Next Level

Black Tri  18 inches  75 Lbs

There was no doubt the moment we saw this gorgeous Black Tri boy as a pup we were leaving without him! He is a son of Blue Magic's Shere Khan of TSB ou tof Evan's TD Danika Patrick. She is a thick sqaure block build female taken to a slick lilac tri shere khan who just put the icing on the cake for us! He throws himself time and time again from structure to coat pattern her really marks his pups!

Bodybuilder's MR Deeds Of Next Level

Chocolate Trindle  18inches  94 Lbs

MR Deeds is a direct son of Bodybuilder's Creed and out of OCB's Coco Alabama giving him the gorgeous southern chocolate coat he has! He is our favorite chocolate monster and how many monsters have incredible structure? Well this little slice of dove chocolate has just that and has a consistency in his puppies to prove it.

Next Level's Armani

Lilac Tri  19 inches  84Lbs

Armani is a son of our Beloved Kashmir crossed with Blue Magic's Shere Khan of TSB and is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we are proud to have produced. He has the athletic type that can with stand all environmentsin the extreme. He is also the sire of our very own Ch. Mack Attack Gold. Armani has sired his share of pups but has been letting his son soak in the spot light to focus of carrying his mother legacy as our beloved house dog. But he IS not out by far and coming out to sire yet another knock out litter very soon! It IS in the works!

The Tool Box: Males

Watch out for our Up and Comers!

We have some special boys we are growing here and at a few trusted Guardian Homes, may be in your state. We like to spread our line around the world and have dogs from all over the US to Rome! The sky is the limit when you reach for the stars!

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